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Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme, launched in 2008, is a contemporary and alluring fragrance designed for men. Its initial notes blend the freshness of lemon, bergamot, neroli, and rose de mai, creating a vibrant and invigorating experience. The heart of the scent reveals green and floral accords like clary sage, hyacinth, geranium, and cedar, adding a touch of elegance to its modern allure.

The Versace brand, renowned for its fashion excellence, expanded into the world of fragrances, boasting a remarkable collection of 57 scents. Additionally, the Italian couture house's influence extends to home furnishings, cosmetics, and even a luxurious hotel. Founded by the visionary Gianni Versace, the brand's roots lie firmly in high fashion, with its first line of women's wear debuting in 1978, paving the way for its iconic status in the industry.

Features of Versace Pour Homme

This 100 ml natural spray of Eau de Toilette is enriched with Diamante Citrus, Bitter Orange leaves, and Neroli flowers, adding a refreshing Mediterranean twist to the fragrance. The middle notes feature the delightful combination of Clary Sage and Blue Hyacinth, creating a mineral-floral aroma that feels almost touchable. The base notes, consisting of Amber and Musk, add a deep and sensuous essence, truly embodying masculinity.

Versace Pour Homme Notes

Top Notes:
Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli and Rose de Mai
Middle Notes:
Hyacinth, Cedar, Clary Sage, and Geranium
Base Notes:
Tonka Bean, Musk and Amber

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