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Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair EDP 100ML

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Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair EDP 100ML Details:

Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair EDP is inspired by the tempestuous relationship between actress Ava Gardner and bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin. the scent is a captivating blend of sweet and savory notes.

The fragrance opens with the warm decadence of wild honey and ginger butter, which gives way to a smoky, earthy heart of tobacco leaves. As the scent settles, a rich base of agarwood (oud) and black vanilla bean emerges, leaving a long-lasting impression of both intrigue and warmth. This unisex fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate bold and complex scents.

Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair EDP Notes:

  • Top notes: Wild Honey and Ginger Butter
  • Heart note: Tobacco Leaf
  • Base notes: Agarwood (Oud) and Black Vanilla Bean

Usage Occasions:

Vilhelm Parfumerie The Oud Affair EDP is a powerful fragrance perfectly suited for a night out on the town. The rich amber and woody base creates a sophisticated and alluring aura, ideal for leaving a lasting impression at a special event or a romantic dinner. However, its captivating sweetness thanks to the honey and vanilla notes can also make it a daring choice for a daytime confidence boost, turning heads wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • A unique blend of sweetness from honey and vanilla, balanced by the smokiness of tobacco and intensity of oud
  • An Eau de Parfum (EDP) with a higher concentration of perfume oils for a longer-lasting fragrance
  • 100ml size for generous and long-lasting use
  • Unisex fragrance suitable for all genders

The fragrance is said to be both alluring and mysterious, with the sweetness of honey and vanilla counterbalanced by the smokiness of tobacco and the intensity of oud, creating a scent that is both warm and complex.

Embrace the fiery romance of Ava Gardner with Vilhelm Parfumerie's The Oud Affair EDP - Shop now for this captivating unisex scent available online in Pakistan at the best price today!

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