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V Canto Alibi Extrait De Parfum 100ml

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V Canto Alibi Extrait De Parfum 100ml Details:

Unleash your magnetic confidence with V Canto Alibi Extrait De Parfum. This unisex fragrance, launched in 2015 by perfumer Paolo Terenzi, is a sophisticated and unforgettable scent. 

The fragrance opens with a refreshing and invigorating burst of cypress, bergamot, mandarin orange, and a touch of salty intrigue. The heart unfolds with earthy notes of vetiver, peat, cedar, and elemi, creating a deep and complex character. As the scent settles, a warm and sensual base of leather, cashmere wood, patchouli, benzoin, and musk emerges, leaving a long-lasting and irresistible trail.

V Canto Alibi Extrait De Parfum is more than a fragrance, it's a statement piece, perfect for those who appreciate luxury. Whether you're shopping for a special occasion or simply indulging in a sophisticated scent, this fragrance is sure to captivate.

V Canto Alibi Extrait De Parfum Notes:

  • Top notes: Cypress, bergamot, mandarin orange, salty air
  • Heart notes: Vetiver, peat, cedar, elemi
  • Base notes: Leather, cashmere wood, patchouli, benzoin, musk

Usage Occasions:

V Canto Alibi Extrait de Parfum is a rich and complex fragrance, It is ideal for evening wear, special occasions, or any time you want to feel confident and alluring. With its long-lasting aroma, it will leave a trail of intrigue wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • Embodies intrigue and captivating confidence
  • Luxurious and long-lasting aroma
  • Unisex fragrance suitable for bold and distinctive scent preferences
  • Available Size: 100ml

V Canto Alibi is more than just a perfume. The luxurious 100ml bottle is itself an object of beauty. With V Canto Alibi, you don't just wear a scent, you cultivate an aura of enigmatic confidence. 

Shop V Canto Alibi Extrait De Parfum Online in Pakistan at the best price in Pakistan and indulge in the essence of sophistication effortlessly.

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